About us


Our global sourcing network has developed strategic relationships in over 10 countries worldwide, which gives us access to a wide range of specialist skills as needed.


To be the leading textile sourcing specialist in Pakistan for local & international businesses.


To procure and provide the highest-grade textiles & raw materials to our clients so that they can look after the strategic side while we cover their sourcing. To provide quality and value to all our stakeholders. "To be the only problem solvers for our clients


To ensure all our clients receive the best quality products as per their requirements, that our partnerships go long term and that all our partners are satisfied.

Our Global Existence

Around The World


Global Sourcing Through
A Worldwide Vendor

  1. Our sourcing partners are spread globally.
  2. We procure materials from over 10 countries depending on the client’s requirements so that the right product is sourced at the right price from the right place.

International Customers & Partners

Our customer & partner portfolio features many international brands. Our efficient communication & unfaltering quality assurance makes us an attractive sourcing house that clients grow to trust.