Our Commitment to quality is “Pay personal attention to each Shipment”. We believe that pay more attention for the best quality and develop more customers. In indenting business the most important part to retain a customer on long-term basis is to understand individual customer’s requirement and ensure that this quality level is maintained for consistence performance.

We intend to be right counterparts of our Customers’ abroad and with the team of professional quality department we are also bringing down the complaint ratio to ZERO LEVEL.

Global Textile Networks quality team visits mills from time to time from the date of production till completion of contracts and shipments. We pay special attention to:

Raw Materials

·         Analyze raw material being used along with its characteristics to know whether it is the most suitable for the end product being produced.

·         Having a complete knowledge / database of Raw Materials available with different origins to guide factories / customers on which is the most suitable and required alternative.


·         Updated knowledge about different machinery available along with their advantages/disadvantages as well as make. To also understand country specific machinery required.

·         Our technical teams visits each factory and understand their machinery setup and advise them necessary machinery settings enabling to produce optimum production and customer’s quality levels considering the raw material being used.

·         Latest Technology and Testing Equipments are key elements for any mill to ensure that the quality being manufactured is up to our customer’s standard.  We advise Supplier to regularly change / upgrade Testing Equipments for better results.

GLOBTEX Quality Control (QC) System is purely based on AQL 2.5 and acceptable widely by EU & US customers.


  • To ensure that Buyer’s quality expectations are met as defined in the specification and other buyer’s instructions.
  • To prevent or minimize losses from quality claims.


  • GLOBTEX Technicians and QC staff educates and train factory technical staff in making the garments with the required quality in the pre-production phase.
  • Our QC staff does daily quality control checking all steps of production.
  • Quality control and production mistakes are personalized and documented in the daily quality report.
  • Process control is accompanied by immediate instructions for corrective actions and their implementation is strictly monitored.



          GLOBTEX QC staff will:

1. Piece-Goods Quality Check:

  • Make sure the factory does 10 % inspection of the in-coming fabrics for visual defects, roll length and width, and fabric shrinkage.
  • Send photos or samples of visual defects to the Buyer to verify the acceptable ones. In case of disputes with the fabric mill, GLOBTEX will act as a mediator and will facilitate negotiations.
  • Initiate and instruct the factory on corrective actions on avoiding and cutting out fabric defects.

2. Cutting Department QC:

  • Supervise making a size set of garments/made-ups and assure measurements are according to specification.
  • Review the markers to make sure the layout is correct.
  • Monitor that specific instructions for cutting the fabrics are followed.

3. Inline Quality Control:

  • Make sure the operators know the requirements and all the machines are regulated. Keep records for each Operator until the final audit has been completed.
  • Provide in-line control for all operations as per instructions and document the findings. Advice on corrective actions and provide instructions for handling rejected bundles

4. Final Statistical Auditing:

  • Conduct final audit by selecting at random according to statistical plan to verify client’s specifications. Inspect for quality and size problems as per instructions and accuracy in labels.
  • Verify merchandise to contract.
  • Lots with acceptable quality level are released for shipment. GLOBTEX technician signs Final Inspection Report and Inspection Certificate